The 6th Grade Makes Some Waves!
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Tuesday, February 02, 2016
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Last week, 6th grade students were introduced to sound waves in science.  While learning, Mrs. Restine provided an invaluable, hands on activity for students to watch sound in action.  Students worked their way through 8 different stations that provided a variety of interactions including tuning forks in water, producing different frequencies with pitched plastic tubes called Boomwhackers, and creating sounds with their own vocal cords.  One station featured Mrs. Restine, and in some classes several student drummers, demonstrating sound waves being emitted from a snare drum as she tightened and loosened the snares.  Students demonstrated their knowledge and understanding through labeled diagrams and they answered questions regarding the medium through which the sound was travelling.  In all it was a very noisy, but meaningful two days spent learning across the curriculum!  Thank you Mrs. Restine and Mrs. Glassen for all your support and guidance!


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