About The School  

School Profile

Memorial Middle School provides a program specifically designed for the middle-level student that fosters not only academic success, but also allows for the development of physical, emotional and social strengths. The school motto is: “Memorial Middle School where respectful behavior and personal responsibility rule the school!”

Furthermore, the Memorial Middle School community expects that all children will learn the knowledge, concepts and skills needed so that our students can be successful in the near and distant future. This is accomplished through an interdisciplinary team concept, whereby grade level teachers meet in a collaborative effort to plan their students’ educational programs.  This time is also used to meet with parents and students to better accommodate the needs of individual students.
At the beginning of each day our Advisory period allows time for the students to receive additional assistance.  During this same period of time, students are also given access to computers in order to complete assignments or enhance skills using computer software and the Internet.  Additionally, the student’s self-esteem is enhanced through such programs as Student of the Month, “Colt Character” awards for demonstrating respectful, responsible and courteous behaviors, Honor Roll Recognition, and outstanding attendance recognition.  Eligible 7th and 8th grade students are able to apply for membership in the National Junior Honor Society.  Furthermore, school trips are used to augment the educational and socialization process imperative for this age level.  The avenues of communication between parents and staff are extensive.

The program at Memorial Middle School offers Genesis Parent Portal, semi-annual parent teacher conferences, student self-evaluations, team meetings, interims, parent-counselor/principal appointments, the availability of Homework Online through the Genesis Portal, and the use of daily student agenda planners.  Parents may obtain information from the school website and may contact any teacher through their school e-mail addresses.

The National Junior Honor Society, one of our nation's premier academic organizations, continues to be an integral component of Memorial Middle School’s culture.  More than just an honor roll, NJHS serves to honor those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of Scholarship, Leadership, Service, Character and Citizenship.  National Junior Honor Society continues to make contributions for the betterment of our State and Nation through generous donations to groups such as Ronald McDonald House.

All students at Memorial Middle School have access to a full-time school counselor. It is the primary focus of the counselor to provide assistance to all students in the areas of academics, social/emotional issues and career planning.  This is accomplished through individual, group and classroom counseling, as well as maintaining an “open-door policy”.  A Career Exploration Program allows students to use their interests and skills to explore various career options and educational opportunities.

Research, problem solving, critical thinking, literacy skills and graphic arts are all addressed. Teachers develop three or more projects in each subject area lasting from one to five days.
There are three computer labs available for student use each having 24 student stations. There are research stations available in the in the media center and two classrooms containing teacher stations with a desktop projector, scanner, and a color printer.  Each classroom contains several computers and a black and white printer.  There is also a mobile computer lab which allows all students access to a computer workstation in all classrooms.  The internet can be accessed on all computers in the building.  

Memorial Middle School has an actively involved PTA which provides extensive cultural arts programs to all grade levels. The PTA provides continued assistance in many areas some of which are character education assemblies, graduation, Back-to-School Night, Teacher Appreciation Day, and our eighth grade promotional breakfast.

Students have the opportunity to participate in a comprehensive sports program which offers boys’ and girls’ basketball, cross-country and soccer, girls’ softball and cheerleading, and boys’ baseball and wrestling.  Memorial’s Drama Club produces an annual performance that develops the artistic talents of the involved actors and crew.

Membership to the Yearbook Club affords students the opportunity to add their talents to the school’s official collection of Memorial’s yearly events.
Our Homework Club provides students with the opportunity to work on their classroom assignments with the assistance of a teacher and members of the National Honor Society from Spotswood High School.

The Student Council, composed of elected representatives from the 6th, 7th and 8th grades, meets regularly with a staff advisor to work on ways to improve the school and community.  Members of the Student Council also plan social events and school spirit days.

The school newspaper is printed bi-monthly and is offered to all students.  Student reporters detail the news of the school while perfecting their writing and communications skills.

Additional organizations open to all students based on their unique and diverse interests include the following: Math Club, Robotics Club, History Club, Glee Club, Creative Writers group, Environmental Club and Community Cares.  

For additional information, please contact Mr. Graham Peabody at 732-723-2200 Ext. 5020 or gpeabody@spsd.us